About the System
A digital business system that includes all the marketing, products, and systems you need to succeed.
When people start their own internet business, it's very common that they do not have any products to market and sell.  As a member of The SFM they get access to SFM's digital business system, where they can create an income by promoting The SFM's membership program, products and services as well as their partners' products and services. The system and training is designed can do it alongside their existing job or business. The only thing they need to do is market, then SFM will take care of the rest like selling and contact with the customer. * They get paid a commission for their marketing effort. 
Important features to give freedom and flexibility


Whether you’re an existing business owner or an individual looking to create more lifestyle freedom, our education program gives you the marketing know-how to start or grow an online business that can be run from anywhere in the world. We’ve created easy-to-follow modules that are designed to be hands-on and refreshingly engaging. Each step clearly explains the actions needed to take your mindset and business venture to the next level.


One-on-one professional guidance to prevent information overwhelm is what most people are missing when it comes to finding success online. Our system consultants are highly experienced in every aspect of our world-class digital business platform. Think of it like having your own personal fitness trainer – they’re there to help you achieve and exceed your individual goals. As soon as we receive your application, you’ll be assigned a dedicated SFM system consultant to help you along on your entrepreneurial journey.


You won't just get ‘gold nuggets’ when it comes to our digital marketing training – each time you sign in to watch our high-energy weekly webinars you’ll gain a heap of valuable skills and strategies to apply to your business. Our experts and leaders who host the assorted trainings are already achieving great results, so they can shine the spotlight on how they do it. Get ready for lots of Ah-Ha moments, and also be prepared for some entertaining personalities!.


Jump into the SFM Community at any time – you’ll be welcomed with a useful live-chat going on 24/7/365. Our private community is a happening place filled with enthusiastic, helpful people at various stages of their business progression, so you’ll be sure to make friends fast. If you need an instant answer to a question, chat is where it’s at. If you want a live conversation about a particular topic or need to discuss a current challenge you’re facing, the private forum is the way forward. With us, you’ll never feel like you’re on your own.


Our passion for constantly giving members fresh value means we’re always adding to our cutting-edge digital skills platform – your added educational resource designed to give you fast knowledge and with higher retention. The most current research shows that micro-learning is the way of the future. Our innovative 60–120 second videos offer a refreshingly simple, bite-sized approach to education upgrades. Covering hundreds of online marketing tactics and other essential digital know-how, you’ll find yourself getting a handle on new skills in about half the time it would normally take with traditional learning.


There are a number of services that are crucial to running a successful business online, from websites and web hosting, to campaign tracking and customer acquisition tools. We’ve simplified the equation with our state-of-the-art platform called Digital Business Lounge (DBL) - giving you the vital tools in one convenient place to help you create and expand your Internet presence. Even people who are inexperienced in technology will be surprised at how easy it is, and if you have any questions our expert support team is on standby to give you a helping hand.


Our friendly, experienced support team is dedicated to helping you unravel any technical issues you run into so your focus can remain on growing your online business. Whether you have a ‘gremlin in the machine’, questions about setup, a bug to report or would like help with an affiliate platform, we’re just a click away and happy to help in any way we can. You’ll have lots of options to reach out and get the assistance you need – live chat, phone support, an expanding knowledge-base and more.


At our popular, high-octane live events, leaders in the SFM Community show up from all corners of the globe to share their secrets of success and tricks of the trade. Held throughout the year in locations around the world, we make sure our live events are easy to get to and deliver nothing less than a dramatic impact on both your business and motivation levels. It’s all about keeping up the momentum!
How SFM pay commission if an Essential member is referred to them
Price Essential: $197 first month, then $97 per month
An Essential member that refers an Essential member, gets:
*DISCLAIMER: Commission numbers used on this page is intended only to show how the pay plan works.  They are not income representations.  Your earnings will reflect your efforts at managing your business as an independent affiliate. 
Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.  
How SFM pay commission when an Essential member upgrades to Elite 
Elite Price: $2500 per year
Essential members get: $250 per year as long as they are members
Elite members get: $1,000 per year as long as they are members
*DISCLAIMER: Commission numbers used on this page is intended only to show how the pay plan works.  They are not income representations.  Your earnings will reflect your efforts at managing your business as an independent affiliate. 
Please read our disclaimer at the bottom of the page.  
Additional products to get sales commission from.
In the SFM's affiliate system there are various products and services to market that pay affiliate *commissions between $200 - $15,000 per sale that you can choose from. Contact us if you want more information about this.
Individual results will vary. Please read our full disclaimer at the bottom of the page.
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*DISCLAIMER - What sets us apart from other online business opportunities is our world class system and methods, as well as our integrity - so we want you to know exactly where you stand. Note that individual results will vary. No results are guaranteed with the help of our training and business systems. All the products and services we provide are for educational and information purposes only. While our member testimonials of success are verifiable, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program, because individual results will depend on your determination, hard work, and ability to follow directions.

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